Training log – Lilly & Skull


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These quality training logs are perfecr for any level of rider. From Lesson students who want to improve their skills through written reflection to trainers that keep track of clients horses. Even hobby riders who write diary entries as a keepsake. If you ride horses these are for you!


Training log breakdown

1 Page for membership numbers

14 groupings of these pages,

1 Weekly plan
7 pages of Daily Notes
1 page of Additional Notes
1 Weekly Reflection

13 Calender Pages
1 Goal Page
2 Pages of Show schedules and Calculations
6 Pages of Injury Prevention & Tracking
5 Pages of Vet Visits
1 Page of Deworming, four multiple horse entries total
1 Farrier page
1 Hay Tracking page
1 Grain Tracking page
1 Supplement tracking page