Suitable for any discipline.

These Complete Equine Journals are professionaly printed and bound. They contain 150 pages for tracking your equine journey.

What’s in a Journal?

Everything you could think to keep track of!

Our first half of the book is for logging your competitions.

Horse, association, date, entry fees, money earned, outcome, points earned, location, your placing and judges notes. All on one page.

Your show schedule page allows you to add all fees, classes, location, entry contact and deadlines!

Check out our pages for more details on each page.

Pages include:

*Show results

*Show reflection

*Competition details

*Points earned

*Injury and prevention tracking

*Vet visits

*Goal pages

*Show schedule (calculating costs)

*Packing list

*Farrier schedule

*Deworming schedule

*Tracking hay

*Tracking grain

*Tracking supplements

*Short term goals

*Long term goals

*Seasonal goals

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