He is Risen – Barrel Race Journal


Barrel Race Journal to track your horses care and all of your competitions.

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Have you ever wanted to keep track of all of your races and EVERYTHING you do with your horse? Heres your book!

What’s in a Journal? Check out our pages!

Everything you could think to keep track of!

Our first half of the book is for logging your race days.

Horse, association, date, entry fees, money made, outcome, location, your time, winning time and your placing. Also arena, ground and warm up notes, and even run notes. All on one page. (This I use every time I race) for every 6 race entries there is a ‘changes I made’ page, race reflection ( geared towards over night races) and a changes I’d like to make page. It’s amazing to go back after a month or 2 and realize what changes you made and how it affected your runs.

The second half of the journal is a mix of pages, record keeping for your date/ times and horse as well as personal best pages.

There are pages for writing each associations schedule.

Injury and prevention tracking

Vet visits

Call in dates

Call back dates

Farrier schedule

Deworming schedule

Tracking hay

Tracking grain

Tracking supplements

Short term goals

Long term goals

Seasonal goals

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