I love Ark Nutrition, it gives my horses what they need to gain and repair lean, quick acting muscle. Their long lasting and cool energy is because of their balanced diet. I have never seen a horse put on muscle so fast or have such long lasting energy.


Special FX massage Therapy is a cornerstone to my horses care. Courtney has the talent to turn my horses movement, behaviour and placing around. We rely on Special FX to compete to our full ability.


Msport6 www.msport6.com

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Msport 6 has designed an air conditioned shirt. This allows me to compete in comfort and style. Their shirts are fast drying. Comfort is key to success on those hot rodeo days.

Vitalsox have made compression socks for athletes!!! These socks are fitted, padded for impact, dry whicking and ventilated! With amazing colorful patterns!

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Complete Equestrian company

Offers training, boarding, lessons, camps and more!


Inquires about sponsorship can be sent to Jaustenequinejournals@gmail.com

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