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From One Racer To Another.

J. Austen Equine Journals were created to offer a straight forward and simple way to track your progress while going down the rodeo road.

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From one competitor to another.

J. Austen Equine Journals was started sitting on the floor at the coffee table late at night covered in baby spit up. I was thinking of ways to keep track of and improve my racing. I needed something straight forward and simple to keep track of my progress, my mistakes, where I traveled and the conditions. That's when I decided I needed a journal and a good one.

Everyone needs support.

If I was going to make these journals, I knew they could be an important part of other racers journey, not just my own, so I decided to share them with you. Creating the first Barrel Race Journal proved harder than expected. Tom, my husband pushed me to continue to create it when I hit road blocks. Much like he does with my racing.

Outlook is Good.

Since the first journal, we have expanded out product line with a second additional barrel race journal, 6 new covers, a complete equine journal and three CEJ covers. We have grown from having our products in one retailer to eleven across the world.

My Inspiration

Behind the scenes

Poetry in Motion

Your equine partner and you share a bond unlike any other.  Use our journals to help make it grow even […]

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